Action game concept

The concept

all ages

As this is a team game, it’s easy to mix the ages so that younger players can take part alongside older ones. For reasons of minimum height, Experimental Park is accessible to children aged 8 and over.

Between friends

There’s nothing more entertaining than challenging friends to a game that takes you from surprise to surprise, and makes for unforgettable moments. Experimental Park is the perfect place to organize bachelor, bachelorette or birthday parties.

In the family

Experimental Park is the ideal place to spend a great time relaxing with the whole family. Accessible from the age of 8, you can even bring several generations together, as the diversity of activities offered along the way is suitable for everyone! You can even organize cousinades or birthday parties!

For companies

Experimental Park is the perfect venue for team-building and other corporate events. Boost team cohesion, instill a new dynamic or develop synergy between different departments. Experimental Park gives you the chance to enjoy a unique collaborative experience with your colleagues.

Aim of the game

Following an unfortunate experiment, Professor Albert Hashtag finds himself trapped in the meanders of the Corridors of Time. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to gather as much energy as possible to return to the present.

These tests are equally demanding in terms of thinking, observation, memory, skill and agility.

Cohesion and complementarity are a group’s greatest assets, which is why it’s important to put together the right team. All the points scored in each event are recorded on an RFID bracelet in the form of energy. At the end of the game, terminals show your score and confirm whether the energy recharges you’ve accumulated allow you to return to the present time.

How to play?

  • Assemble your team of 2 to 5 players.
  • Visit the automatic terminals
  • Select your playing time: 1h00 or 1h30
  • Acquire the parts corresponding to the number of participants and playing time.
  • An RFID wristband is given to each player
  • The RFID wristband opens doors along the time corridor and keeps track of the energy accumulated through the various events.

Start of the game

Once you’ve checked in your team, you’ll be invited to the briefing area, where Professor Albert Hashtag will explain the ins and outs of time travel, and the rules to follow. The objective is simple: collect enough energy to return to the present.

Game progress

Here you are immersed in the Corridors of Time, where up to 30 doors are open to you, each corresponding to an era. Behind each of them, you’ll have to complete a mission using agility, observation and reflection, within a time limit ranging from 3 to 5 minutes.

A screen will tell you what the mission is all about, and you’ll have a choice of 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) the higher the level, the more energy you’ll collect!

End of the game

At the end of your playing time, the bracelet deactivates. You’ll then need to head for the debriefing area, where the
Professor Hashtag will tell you if you’ve collected enough energy to return to the present. Don’t forget to smile – you’ll leave with a souvenir of your trip back in time.

Time strategy

Above each door, a light indicates whether access is free or how soon it will be. It’s up to you to manage your route in such a way as to avoid delays and optimize your playing time.


With so many combinations to choose from, you’re guaranteed never to run the same route. Every game is different.

On each door you’ll find a sign summarizing the skills required to pass the test.

In each room, a screen will tell you the objective of the game. Choose from 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium, difficult

Points earned at the end of each mission are symbolized by a battery. The aim is simple: to harvest as much energy as possible to return to the present.

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