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Two possible configurations: Solo or Integrated.

Why choose Expérimental Park?

Registration kiosks also act as cash desks (for credit cards and cash). Fully automated, they limit staff and prevent theft.

In a team, no player is a spectator; all members are involved and play. Every participant gets their money’s worth.

Each player is fitted with an RFID wristband which records both his personal score and that of the team.

The games are adapted to the number of participants and their age.

Teams can choose between three levels of difficulty for each event: Easy – Medium – Difficult.

4 “bonus” terminals in the time corridor to boost scores (under development).

EXPERIMENTAL PARK is more profitable than its competitors: in a 30-room configuration, 150 people can play simultaneously.

Each participant receives an e-mail with the score and photo of the group of friends or colleagues with whom they have just shared the experience.

EXPERIMENTAL PARK can be operated on its own or in conjunction with another activity/leisure center.

There’s no need for staff to launch the game (briefing). One part-time employee is all that’s needed for maintenance.

EXPERIMENTAL PARK, 3 financing solutions to suit all budgets.

Two possible configurations

solo configuration


To create an Experimental Park, you need to locate it in a high-traffic shopping area, or even better, in an area already home to leisure activities (restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys, etc.), with good visibility, easy access and parking facilities.
Surface area required: 1,000 to 1,500 m².

integrated configuration


Experimental Parks can be added to or integrated into existing leisure activities (cinema, bowling, go-karting, etc.) to breathe new life and appeal into the area.
Surface area required: 500 / 600 m²

Key figures

Number of admissions: 55,000 and 83,000/year

Average basket XX,XX€ €. (more more)

Sales between XXX XXX € and X XXX XXX million

Staff of 3/6 (bar, reception,1/2 technician)

Key figures

Number of admissions: 28,000 to 48,000/year

Average shopping basket: €XX.XX (read more)


Staff: 1/2 technical person


Depending on the number of rooms, the cost of installing an Experimental Park including a bar and an arcade ranges from €900,000 to €1,300,000, including: complete layout, partitions, air conditioning, electricity, automation, IT, software.


treatment of decorated facades, self-checkout kiosks, glass gantries, turnstiles, Karaoke/Quiz modules. Depending on the number of rooms, the cost of installation.


Depending on the number of rooms*, the cost of installing an ExperimentalPark ranges from €450,000 to €750,000, including :
complete layout, partitions, air-conditioning, electricity, automation, IT, software.


treatment of decorated facades, self-checkout kiosks, glass gantries, turnstiles, Karaoke/Quiz modules

Experimental Park Jaux Compiègne


There are 3 possible solutions for financing the creation of an EXPERIMENTAL PARK:

Bank loan, personal contribution of 10 to 30%.
Rental solutions
Fixed-term association

Brand licensing

Entrance fee: €XX XXX

Brand license: XX XXX € /year (find out more)
(brand use, online booking (integration of your own tool or use of our ready-to-use partner tool), local and national communication media, events…)

Contract duration: 10 years

Software rental: €1 per game per person for software

An addictive game

The FHP Group, French leader in indoor leisure activities and creator of the SPEED PARK brand, has developed Experimental park in response to market trends and customer expectations for ever more intense, immersive experiences.

Experimental park is a race against time through a series of events in which teams combine their different but complementary skills to overcome the challenges thrown at them.
The success of this new project lies in its ability to bring generations together around activities that can be shared without moderation between friends, family and work colleagues.

The purpose of the game

The aim of the game is to score as many points (battery charges) as possible on a journey through different eras, in which players must overcome challenges that call for skill, reflection, culture, agility and strength.

Each time they take part in an event, participants are awarded energy credits based on their scores, enabling them to go back in time and return to the present.

Our customers

General public

All ages are involved, from 7 upwards.


The nature of the games is particularly conducive to group emulation and the development of team spirit.
Sales of team-building and incentive events for executive committees.
Ticket sales to works councils
Sale of advertising space

25 openings

Compiegne – Jaux

Lille – Vannes- Laval
+3 sites in the process of being signed

Madrid – Sarcelles – Valvert –
Claye Souilly – Nice
+3 sites in the process of being signed

10 sites in the pipeline

Sport bar of the Expérimental Park franchise

Around the game

In a “solo” configuration, EXPERIMENTAL PARK offers a warmly decorated and original lobby, where the public can consume, enjoy and relax, ensuring additional sales. Several levels of equipment are available, depending on available space and budget.


A bar to reinvigorate yourself after an emotionally-charged experience: cocktails, softs, hot drinks, waffles, nachos and aperitif platters.


A lounge area where you can spend a pleasant moment with friends over a drink or a game of billiards.

Sport bar

Giant screens to follow the latest sporting events and attract a clientele of sports enthusiasts.

Arcade games

A space dedicated to the latest arcade games, combining virtual reality and iconic games such as King Kong of Skull Island, Sailor’s Quest and Moto Speed Rider 3.
Boxes for singing or laughing (max. 8 people)

Bowling Flying Duck

This bowling game, played on a shorter lane with a smaller ball, offers the same sensations as traditional bowling.

Experimental Park

Make an appointment with us and let’s talk about your Experimental Park project. Lots of possibilities are available to you.

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