Expérimental Park


Experimental Park Laval

Planned opening: June 2024

Monky - Parc de l'habitat
53000 Laval

02 43 26 13 67 contact.laval@monky.fr

monky parc laval

A multi-activity indoor complex

unique in Mayenne

An ideal location in Mayenne

Monky, a new indoor multi-purpose complex, is located in Laval. Opposite the Monky is Espace Mayenne. You can’t miss us!

A space dedicated to play and conviviality.

Monky welcomes you 7/7 in a 7,000 m² space dedicated to play, sport and conviviality. Whether you’re with family, friends or colleagues, the complex is perfect for sharing a pleasant moment.
In an original location, visitors can enjoy a year-round complex offering a wide range of activities and catering services to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Laval’s Experimental Park: A New Adventure

In May 2024, the city of Laval is set to inaugurate a revolutionary attraction that promises to redefine the French leisure landscape: the Experimental Park. Located in the heart of the famous Monky complex, this unique space offers visitors an immersive experience.

A Monky Innovation

Monky, already renowned for its multi-entertainment complex, takes a giant step forward with the introduction of Experimental Park. This new project aims to create a world where young and old alike can explore, learn and have fun in a playful, fun environment.

An Attraction Park Like No Other

Experimental Park will stand out from traditional parks with its avant-garde approach. This theme park is designed to be a true entertainment laboratory, where every activity offers a new and enriching experience.

A major project for Laval

The city of Laval, already renowned for its dynamism and innovation, is getting ready to welcome this major project, which should attract visitors from all over the region and beyond.

Towards an Expected Opening

With work well underway, anticipation for the opening of Experimental Park is mounting. Future visitors can look forward to an unparalleled experience. Laval is ready to become the stage for an adventure where innovation and fun meet, making the Experimental Park a must-see destination for 2024.

While waiting for the official opening, the curious and impatient can follow the project’s progress on the Monky website and on social networks, where previews and announcements will fuel the excitement around this new Laval marvel.

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